Republican contest of scientific projects


The Republican contest of scientific projects is the most prestigious competition in Kazakhstan, in which students present scientific research and projects. The competition is held in several stages: school, regional, review and final. Everyone can participate in the school stage individually or in groups of no more than two students. It is important to note that, similarly to the republican subject olympiads, the regional stage is held separately in each of the following: all regions, the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent, (these cities have a special status), republican educational organizations (special schools), RPMS, and NIS. That is why very often the regional stage for students of NIS is called the inter-network stage, because students compete within schools of the same network. During the regional stage, two rounds are held: the presentation of works and the passing of a test for knowledge of the subject. The third stage is a review conducted by the RSPC Daryn. The winners of the fourth stage are going to present their projects at the Intel ISEF international competition as part of the national team of Kazakhstan.

Head: RSPC Daryn