The Autonomous Education Organizations Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools is a special non-profit organization established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today, the network of AEO NIS is the flagship of Kazakhstani education. In terms of the quality of the educational program, funding and opportunities for students, NIS confidently bypasses all public and private schools in the country. The absolute majority of students study on a grant, however, paid tuition is provided in schools, especially in the final grades. Most NIS provide education from grades 7-12, in some there is an elementary school (grades 1-6). The high school curriculum corresponds to the international IGCSE and A-Level programs. At the end of their studies, all graduates pass an examination, which is comparable to Cambridge A-Levels. In many national competitions, NIS students do not participate in the regional stages on a general basis; instead, they compete with other NIS students.

Head: Kulyash Shamshidinova
E-mail: [email protected]