"Bilim-Innovation" Lyceum

The network of "Bilim-Innovation" Lyceums (BIL) was previously known as the Kazakh-Turkish Lyceums (KTL). These schools are managed by the International Public Foundation "Bilim-Innovation", formerly known as IPF KATEV. Another IPF, Bilim-Orda is closely affiliated with the IPF Bilim-Innovation and manages the private schools NurOrda, Galaxy and Spectrum. BIL students hold the record for the number of medals won at national and international competitions and olympiads. For many years, BIL students dominated in the selection of national team of Kazakhstan. It is important to note that, unlike students of another specialized network (NIS), BIL students participate in the regional olympiad and compete only with students of their own region.

Head: Darkhan Ote
E-mail: [email protected]