Exponenta magazine

The magazine was created by students of the NIS PhM Almaty, headed by Azamat Atabayev in 2018. Currently, the project unites 13 students who are ready to help their peers to find their vocation. Since its inception, 4 journals have been published in physical and electronic formats, which contained sci-pop articles, instructions for admission to foreign universities and interviews with scientists. Articles are published in Russian and Kazakh. Since 2020, the team has conducted more than 30 interviews with initiative students and students of foreign universities. At the end of 2020, a podcast about pressing issues and exciting events for young people was released. 12 podcasts with more than 2000 plays have been published. By educating its subscribers through social media pages, the team believes that it contributes to the future of Kazakhstani society, helping schoolchildren to confidently see their own future.

Head: Aldinash Seitenov
E-mail: [email protected]